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Ok, so I reached 7k followers a few days ago and I am just so stunned and excited!!! You guys are wonderful and I love you to the moon, so I wanted to do an awards thing to show my appreciation! ;)



  • Best Vintage x2
  • Best Light Vintage/Pale x2
  • Best Other (blue, green, vertical, etc.)
  • Best URL x2
  • Best Title
  • Best Theme
  • Best BG Image
  • Personal Favorite x2
  • Sweetest Blogger

Also, there will be other prizes as well, such as:

  • solos
  • screenies
  • fansigns
  • AND one lucky person will be made my blog of the month for September! :)

Woo! I will do the awards some time around the beginning of September! Thanks for making my tumblr experience so amazing! <3

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*Don’t delete the text, only the picture will appear on your blog*

I’m bringing my botw back, yay!


  1. Must be following me (reminisces)
  2. Reblog this post, likes won’t count
  3. You must have a vintage blog (it can be dark, light etc)
  4. oh, thats literally it

What you’ll get

  1. A link on my blog for the full week
  2. Daily promos - screenshot of blog/archive & text promos
  3. Fansign
  4. A new friend (if you want me that is)
  5. and anything else you can think of

You have until Wednesday to reblog this, the winner will be announced on Friday! There will be no poll - I’ll be picking the winner myself!

Good Luck and get reblogging!

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.26.14

raw natural mineral necklace, choice of 3 by sleepymountain

sleepymountain is the genius shop behind the ever-popular tina belcher earrings i posted a month or so ago … but they also sell some pretty sick crystal jewelry, too. in this listing, you get to choose from a cloud-like quartz, a deep aubergine amethyst, or an earthy citrine, all dipped in gold and hung from gilded rope chains.

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26/52 (by oanabefort)

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cold water + a slice of lemon by . siiri . on Flickr.

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Music by mim2009 on Flickr.

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Something Sometimes by Furze Chan on Flickr.

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The most tranquil moments in life by jeffreychung on Flickr.

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